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Food Name 25 g Malbit CH (99% maltitol) (Cerestar, Vilvoorde, Belgium)
Food Manufacturer Cerestar, Belgium
GI (vs Glucose) 73
Standard Serve Size (g) 10
Carbohydrate per Serve (g) 10
Glycemic Load (GL) 7
Country Belgium
Product Category Sugars, Sweeteners and Syrups
Year of Test 0
SEM 29
Time Period of Test 3h
Number of Subjects in Test 8
Type of Subjects in Test Normal
Reference / Source of Data Pelletier X, Hanesse B, Bornet F, Debry G. Glycaemic and insulinaemic responses in healthy volunteers upon ingestion of maltitol and hydrogenated glucose syrups. Diabete & Metabolisme (Paris) 1994; 20: 291-6.