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Food Name Spaghetti, Durum wheat, boiled 20 min
Food Manufacturer
GI (vs Glucose) 64
Standard Serve Size (g) 180
Carbohydrate per Serve (g) 43
Glycemic Load (GL) 27
Country USA
Product Category Pasta and Noodles
Year of Test 0
SEM 15
Time Period of Test 3h
Number of Subjects in Test 3
Type of Subjects in Test Type 2
Reference / Source of Data Bornet FRJ, Costagliola D, Rizkalla SW, Blayo A, Fontvieille A-M, Haardt M-J, Letanoux M, Tchobroutsky G, Slama G. Insulinemic and glycemic indexes of six starch-rich foods taken alone and in a mixed meal by type 2 diabetics. Am J Clin Nutr 1987; 45: 588-95.