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Food Name Bangladeshi rice variety BR16, traditionally parboiled (27% amylose)
Food Manufacturer
GI (vs Glucose) 32
Standard Serve Size (g) 150
Carbohydrate per Serve (g) 38
Glycemic Load (GL) 12
Country Bangladesh
Product Category Cereal Grains
Year of Test 0
Time Period of Test 3h
Number of Subjects in Test 9
Type of Subjects in Test Type 2
Reference / Source of Data Larsen HN, Rasmussen OW, Rasmussen PH, Alstrup KK, Biswas SK, Tetens I, Thilsted SH, Hermansen K. Glycaemic index of parboiled rice depends on the severity of processing: study in type 2 diabetic subjects. Euro J Clin Nutr 2000; 54: 380-5.